»Docker Swarm: The good, the bad and the ugly«
2018-10-13, 12:35–13:05, A1

Docker Swarm is a complete and easy to use orchestration solution which often gets overlooked. The talk will go through a quick explanation of what kind of problems docker orchestration tools solve and then we will talk about docker swarm, analysing strengths and weaknesses, what’s ready and what’s missing.

Docker Swarm: The good, the bad and the ugly

Docker Swarm is an opinionated, easy to operate container orchestration tool. Docker swarm often gets overlooked but is an excellent solution for small teams. This talk we'll go through the process and pain points of setting up a productoin grade docker swarm cluster. The talk's index:

  • Quick intro: docker & orchestrators (problem statement)
  • Build-in features (the good):
    • High availability (Managers, Workers, Leader elections)
    • Load balancing methodologies
    • Service discovery
    • Secrets & Configuration management
    • Security (apparmor, seccomp profiles)
  • Problems that need to be solved in-house (the bad):
    • The init process: using a distributed lock to avoid race conditions
    • Auto-registration: traefik or nginx + confd
    • Auto-scaling at node level
    • Auto-scaling at service level
    • Disaster recovery
  • Missing Features (the ugly)
  • Q & A session