»Introduction to Linux Kernel Module Programming (aka: I can write a driver me!)«
2018-10-14, 14:45–17:45, A3

An introductory tutorial on how to develop and test Linux kernel modules.

The Linux kernel supports the development of device drivers as well as new functionality in the form of loadable modules. In other words, drivers and features can be compiled as modules and linked with the running kernel, rather than having to be compiled as part of the kernel itself.

This workshop aims to offer attendees an introduction-level tutorial on how to develop and test Linux kernel modules, and encourage them in starting their own exploration of Linux kernel internals.

Attendees will be given access to a development and test environment based on virtual machines. They will only need to use their personal computers to access this environment via SSH. Attendees will need to have solid knowledge of the C programming language and some familiarity with using a Linux-based system via the command-line.