»Interdependencies between open source projects and their business models: What does it mean for the product and the development processes if monetisation becomes an issue?«
2018-10-13, 12:35–13:05, Amph. B

For most open source software projects, sooner or later there comes the point where it is necessary to generate some kind of revenue to at least cover the occurring costs of a growing project and its community. Possibilities vary widely from voluntary donations to business models of additional services, freemium features or a sometimes quite complex combination of several business model elements. This talk wants to give a short overview of possibilities to monetise open source projects before it goes into details what those monetisation models could mean for the project itself: how could the decision making change, what does it mean for the overall processes and how could it potentially even influence development processes. It aims as giving project managers or developers with an open source project who take into account or feel the need to monetise it some guidance to identify the most important influencing factors and constraints for their case and finally create an appropriate business model without harming their original project.