»Providing an automated Legal Codex on Greek Legislation with NLP«
2018-10-14, 12:05–12:35, A1

In the recent years plenty of attention has been gathering around analyzing public sector texts via text mining methods enabled by modern libraries, algorithms and practices and bought to to the forefront by open source projects such as textblob, spaCy, SciPy, Tensorflow and NLTK. These collaborative productive efforts seem to be a shift towards more efficient understanding of natural language by machines which can be used in conjunction with public documents in order to provide a more robust organization and codification in the legal sector. This project extends the existing Government Gazette (GG) text mining code by implementing features in order to organize and (cross)-link GG texts with legal text and analyzing them, thus providing an automated legal codex using NLP methods and practices. This will enable elimination of bureaucratic processes and huge time savings for jurists who for example seek legal documents in legal databases. The project is hosted at

In this talk, I am going to present my work during Google Summer of Code 2018. I will go through the main stages of the project, the ways of implementation (algorithms etc.) as well as demonstrate it to the public.

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