UoC Radio Station

The University of Crete (UoC) Radio Station is a non-profit, community-driven radio station developed primarily by students and alumni of the University of Crete, located inside the campus. The team operates via a weekly open general assembly that welcomes anyone who respects the basic values of human diversity and advocates for their dissemination.

All expenses are covered through events and donations, and since 2017 the university funds the operation of a small facility that hosts the equipment required for FM transmission.

The team shares a DIY ethic and actively uses, develops and contributes open-source software and knowledge under the idea of commons. Using the radio technology, the scope is to experiment, embrace cultural diversity and bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and society, in order to develop both individually and collectively.

The Graduate Students Union

The Graduate Students Union of the Computer Science Department of University of Crete consists of 44 regular members, all post-graduate students of the university. Since its foundation, the Union actively supports the department and contributes to its promotion. The members conduct research in various fields achieving worldwide success while at the same time presenting high enrollment in open-source communities.

The Computer Science Department was founded in 1984 and was only the second computer science related department in Greece at the time. The post-graduate program was introduced in 1985.

In the years of its presence the department has developed and applied a modern curriculum. Its contribution to the greek higher education system in the field of computer science, is broadly recognized through the high quality of under- and post-graduate studies offered.

toLABaki Hackerspace

When the open source philosophy comes out of the hard drive to the physical world and is combined with imagination, collaboration, interaction of knowledge and desire for creation, toLABaki comes to make things happen. We make things ourselves (DIY), using anything that is available. With the desire to explore and in the spirit of the hacker culture, we analyze existing systems to maximize their potential in solving everyday problems.

toLABaki becomes a common meeting place for those who want to share their ideas, work on them and create.In our lab space, at the University of Crete’s Voutes campus, we collect equipment, donated by individuals, that is available to enrich everyone’s projects!

We decide based on consensus, we endorse openness and we welcome anyone willing to join this process in the spirit of cooperation.